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1. Are you registered on CSD.  2. Do you have a valid Purchase Order.   3. Are you tax compliant on CSD. 4. Do you have reputable suppliers.

Purchase Order

Purchase order funding or Tender Order Funding allows your business to pay suppliers for goods that you intend to resell or distribute to a customer who has completed a written purchase order. Purchase order funding allows you to pay your supplier up front to deliver or manufacture goods before you receive payment from your customers.

To qualify for purchase order funding you must sell either finished goods, raw materials or components (no construction, cleaning or security services) - to Business to Business or Business to a Government Departments, with profit margins of over 20%. Goods must be "supply and delivery". Delivery must be included by your supplier or outsourced by a reputable third party.


Purchase order funding is an ideal way to help your business grow without taking on bank debt or selling equity in your company. If sales outpace your incoming cash flow then purchase order funding can be used to fulfil a new customer order. Most often the funding will be structured as an invoice factoring transaction. Factoring is not a loan. RM Capital purchases the rights to the payment to be obtained from the customer. RM Capital will pay your suppliers or provide payment guarantees. In this way a business can accept larger orders and increase their sales with the help of RM Capitals experienced team involved in the deal



A critical component is the credit worthiness of your customer/s. The funding is based on your customer’s ability to pay for the order in a timely manner. A review is done of the main aspects of the transaction, including a review of the supplier to ensure that they have the reputation and capability to deliver the ordered products.



  1. Send us a copy of the purchase order or signed appointment letter, and supplier agreement or Pro-forma supplier invoice or quotation

  2. We shall ask you to send us certain information on your business to conduct a review of the transaction.

  3. After we have all necessary information and documents we will notify you of the approval of the purchase order transaction and any other securities needed.

  4. A factoring agreement and guarantee agreement will be sent for signature and the monies will be paid to your supplier.

  5. When your customer pays on the invoice for the purchase order the monies will be used to pay for the purchase order funding. You will receive the difference once funding and funding costs have been paid.


RM Capital has funded a medium size woman owned BEE company to enable the business to fulfill certain purchase orders from a Government department in the Western Cape. The initial funding provided to the company was R850,000. Over time as the company grew it required on-going funding to meet growing purchase order commitments. RM Capital worked constructively with the owner and over the past 18 months we have funded in excess of R5,000,000 to the business – enabling increasing orders and their supply of essential products to the Western Cape Government and success and growth of the business.

"An entrepreneur without funding is like a musician without an instrument."

Robert A. Rice Jr.

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