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RM Capital designs made to measure cashflow funding structures for businesses that experience short-term cashflow constraints, preventing them from optimal business growth. The conventional wisdom in obtaining cashflow funding has been to bind the businesses core assets. This often creates more problems than it solves. Day-to-day expenses such as rent and payroll are often put under strain. A more sensible alternative is cashflow and working capital funding is to secure the businesses expected future cashflow against the interested funding deal.

Accounts receivable is an asset which can be converted into a cash asset through a number of funding instruments including factoring and discounting. Repayment schedules are directly linked to projected future cashflow and allows for manageable repayment terms and business growth. Positive cashflow can enable a business to obtain supplier discounts and to grant extended credit terms to their customers. This form of funding can pay for itself in increased sales volumes and profit margins.

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CashFlow Funding
"An entrepreneur without funding is like a musician without an instrument."

Robert A. Rice Jr.

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