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Invoice discounting is an efficient and flexible means to create cashflow and profitability and to maximise a businesses’ growth potential. Structures can accommodate factoring an entire or portion of a debtor’s book or the discounting of a single invoice.

In the past, many businesses offered concessions or discounts as incentives to secure immediate payment. However, in today’s competitive business environment most customers expect an extended time period for payment. A business that extends terms to their customers gains an advantage over their competitors. The downside however is that in extending payment terms working capital is diminished and business growth can be effected. Invoice discounting is a sensible and effective solution to this business difficulty.

Unpaid invoices are an asset that can be used to create cashflow, with Invoice discounting a business is able to:

  • Create positive cashflows for operational requirements;

  • Offer extended payment terms to customers;

  • Fund a special project or once off expenses – restructure or expand the business;

  • Obtain supplier discounts by offering prompt payment;

  • Avoid financial crunch during seasonal demands;

  • Budgeting and planning can be executed with confidence;

  • Meet payroll or hire additional employees.


Account receivable financing is based on a factoring or discounting agreement. The process is as follows:

  1. Clients select the invoices or debtor’s book that they wish to sell and cede to RM Capital;

  2. RM Capital approves the invoices or debtor’s book for factoring or discounting and an agreement is entered into;

  3. Client obtains an immediate cash payment from RM Capital of up to 90% of the invoice value less the factoring / discounting commission.

  4. Cash is utilised in the business while you wait for the customer to pay. Your client’s customer pays the invoice, and the final tranche in the transaction is made.

RM Capital’s invoice discounting facilities range from R25,000 to R10 million per client. We are able to approve transactions within 24 hours and payment can be made with minimal paperwork. You deal directly with the decision makers.

Call RM Capital for a confidential discussion and find out more about our invoice discounting financing facilities.

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"An entrepreneur without funding is like a musician without an instrument."

Robert A. Rice Jr.

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